Umm where do I even start? I thought this was Bull. Just like everything else – pretty much. I have never …. EVER have a product live up to any significant expectations. I thought I was done. Lost. I felt like a looser – like I would never stop so THREE main things – became the reason I bought this. #1. I was desperate- I couldn’t stop drinking- it was too hard emotionally 2. The full refund policy and 3. The PayPal pay in 4 option. Haha 🙂 I have three kids. My life if choas. Constant ‘beautiful choas ‘ as I call it and the ‘best’ time of day for me was popping the bottle open every single day for 2+ years at 6pm and enjoying it to calm down and just relax. But enough was enough. No energy. No motivation. I started a business venture I never worked on and everything seemed gloomy. So being desperate I made the purchase…. WOW. Holy cow. WOW. I mean with is this? Sorcery? The calm. The better uplifted mood. NO CRAVINGS AT ALL!!!!!!! Nada. None. Zip. It’s magic I want yo cry I haven’t had a drink in 4 days now and now I can’t wait to wake up in the morning without a headache or feeling slow and sluggish. I want this product in my life every day. Every single day 😭 !!!! And you guys? It took me ONE DAY! On the FIRST DAY I FELT BETTER- it’s literally automatic It’s insane I’m so happy my kids don’t recognize me – I know you recommend this for 1/3 months but do you have anything similar I can take daily? Once I finish this 30 day tub I feel like I will need this in my life forever but can’t upkeep that payment for now, unfortunately:( lol please help with recommendations and THANK YOU SO MUCH – you guys are truly special- keep doing what you’re doing I’m forever grateful !!!!!

Ps- I never write reviews about products because I don’t believe in bashing people BUT after that first day and my 4th feeling fantastic I went out of my way just for this novel because ANYONE SUFFERING SHOULD SEE THIS AND I HOPE 🤞 TO Help!